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You can choose to pick your own or buy some ready-picked berries. Whether you would like just a few for your table of several gallons for your jam, we hope that you will spend some time with us on the hill. We'll even provide the basket!

Our prices for this year are:

$1.85 per pound for U-Pick

$14.00 per "gallon" if We-Pick

$4.75 per "quart" if We-Pick

While we try to have the "We-Pick" berries available at all times during open hours, we can not guarantee it. 

If you want a large quantity of "We-Pick" berries, please call the day before you want to pick them up so that we will be sure to have them ready for you. Please leave your name, phone number, the quantity you want, and a pick-up time. We will call you back if we think we can't meet your request. 

We will be open Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. until 7 p.m. or until we are picked-out. If you plan to come late in the day, please call ahead to make sure we are open. We will update our phone message daily to reflect our picking status. Saturdays are very busy, and we are sometimes closed by noon. We are always closed on Sunday. 

How we plant strawberries: 

If you ever wonder how we plant strawberries on this scale, this is how it is done.
After the soil is prepared and the black plastic beds are made, we use a tractor and water-wheel planter to get the job done. Trays of strawberry plugs are stacked on the planter and off we go.

As the planter passes over the plastic beds, the wheel punches holes in the plastic and puts a little water in each of the holes.


An able-bodied helper is poised to hand-plant a plug in each hole. With two people walking behind, each plant finds a home and each hole finds a plant.

Speaking of able-bodied helpers ...
Our helpers are one of our greatest assets on the farm. We were lucky to find this special crew and wouldn't trade them for the world!


Strawberry Time