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Cooking Tips
Grass-fed beef is different than traditional grain-fed beef. Being that it is lower in fat, it cooks quicker. Here are a few tips to consider to get the most flavor and enjoyment from your grass-fed beef.
Don't overcook it. Grass-fed beef is best at rare to medium rare. If you like well-done beef, cook your grass-fed beef with added moisture.

Some people recommend marinating grass-fed steaks. A simple marinade is Italian dressing. Alternately, you could use a tenderizing tool to break up the fibers in the meat.
(note: When we cook our  Double R Cattle Services steaks, we allow them to come to room temperature and cook slowly on an open grill. They are not marinated, tenderized, or seasoned before grilling. We find them wonderful this way. These tips are only suggestions for your consideration.)

Bring your grass-fed meat to room temperature before cooking.

Reduce the temperature of your grain-fed beef recipes by 50 degrees. Think "Low and Slow".

 Use tongs, not a fork to turn meat.

Grass-fed beef will normally require 30% less cooking time and will continue to cook when removed from the heat. Remove the beef from the heat 10 degrees before the desired temperature.

Cooking Grassfed Beef