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Our beef is sold at the farm. We are open for beef sales by easy appointment -- Just call ahead to make sure we are available.

(No Sunday appointments please.)  919.949.8157


Flat Iron Steak   $10.70                                          Flank Steak  $11.75

Skirt Steak  $11.75                                              Hangar Steak  $11.75

Sirloin Steak  $14.50                                           Ribeye Steak  $17.65

NY Strip Steak  $19.30                       Tenderloin (filet mignon)  $24.00

As part of our goal to raise our family in the agriculture tradition, we want to care for the farm and leave it for generations just as our ancestors left it for us. To that end, we take a holistic approach to our farming methods and planning. 

We chose to use management intensive grazing (also known as rotational grazing) as our master farm plan. By rotating the cattle to new pastures every day or every few days, we can: 

  • Rely on a natural cattle diet; 
  • Reduce soil erosion; 
  • Increase overall pasture fertility; and 
  • Improve animal health and well-being

The cattle destined to become Double R Catle Services, Inc. 100% Grassfed Beef  receive only grass, forage and stored grass and forage. At no time do they receive grain, animal by-product feedstuffs, antibiotics, or growth promotants. If an animal is sick or injured, it is treated accordingly. If treatment requires antibiotics or other pharmaceuticals, it is removed from our retail program and sold through traditional means.

Our bulk package is a virtual quarter beef. It is 1/4 of the entire animal. Purchasing this packages gets you approximately 80 pounds of various cuts. 

Double R Cattle Services, Inc.

100% Grassfed Beef Prices

All prices are per pound unless otherwise stated. Prices subject to change.



Organ Meats

Quarter Beef

Short Ribs  $4.80                                                 Marrow Bones  $3.00

Knuckle Bones  $3.00                                              Soup Bones  $2.00

Brisket  $8.50                                                           Cube Steak  $7.50

Stew Beef  $7.50                                                    Ground Beef  $7.50


London Broil   $10.70                                           Chuck Roasts  $9.60

Pot Roast   $9.60                                              Sirloin Tip Roast  $7.50

Other Meats

Oxtail  $4.25                                                             Sliced Liver  $3.50

Tongue  $2.95                                                                    Heart  $2.95

Kidney  $2.95                                                                Beef Fat  $3.00

Double R Cattle Services, Inc. 100% Grassfed Beef 

Production Philosophy