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The 2018 Strawberry Patch is closed for the season.

How we plant strawberries: 

If you ever wonder how we plant strawberries on this scale, this is how it is done.
After the soil is prepared and the black plastic beds are made, we use a tractor and water-wheel planter to get the job done. Trays of strawberry plugs are stacked on the planter and off we go.

​As the planter passes over the plastic beds, the wheel punches holes in the plastic and puts a little water in each of the holes.


An able-bodied helper is poised to hand-plant a plug in each hole. With two people walking behind, each plant finds a home and each hole finds a plant.

Speaking of able-bodied helpers ...
Our helpers are one of our greatest assets on the farm. We were lucky to find this special crew and wouldn't trade them for the world!